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Massage parlour or private apartment? Advice and information for clients to help you make the right choice for you...


Many people are unaware of the differences, but unfortunately many people don't realise that there are many and varied facets in the world of escorting. From street walkers to high class courtesans sex is a common denominator but the way in which we choose to work varies dramatically. The following is some pertinent information to help you decide which type of establishment offering an incall service is right for you....

So first let us take a look at a massage parlour or brothel as they are commonly known. These types of estabishments are best for convenience, are generally assumed to be a more economical decision and offer a choice of several ladies on entry. They often charge a fee to enter, and then an additional fee depending on which type of service you require. They advertise their exact location which means they aren't particularly discreet, you may find yourself bumping into an old friend or even worse a work colleague in the waiting room. They are also generally known about in the local community so visiting a local parlour is not for the faint of heart! There are some wonderful women working in massage parlours up and down the country who offer clients a fantastic service. However 'parlor girls' are sometimes reported as having a cold and clinical style, probably compounded by the frank discussion of services to work out a fee before you start. Paying by the service also means you may appear to be getting a bargain but price can soon mount up if you want to include services such as french kissing in your experience. Basically a parlour offers convenience but is quite often an indiscreet choice, and you may end up paying more to have a full experience.

An escort agency such as Sophia's Angels operating from a private apartment is a very different scenario. We offer an appointment only service and have one lady working at each apartment each day. Our clients choose the lady they would like by viewing her photos online and call to book their appointment. This assures complete discretion and an unhurried service, we always leave ample time between appointments so our valued clients don't meet each other when arriving and leaving. Our addresses are not advertised online so are only known by our regular customers, because we don't have a high footfall of casual customers we operate discreetly within the local community. We also believe that ladies working alone (with our support for security) means better working conditions for our valued escorts. Participating in a 'line-up' as parlours do is something we believe to be quite negative, encouraging competitiveness and hostility between ladies. We believe that by offering our escorts a private and serene environment within which to work, they can in turn offer our clients an excellence service.

Our charges differ from a parlours for various reasons but are actually very straightforward as you only pay for your time and there are no hidden costs. To a degree you pay a slight premium for the discretion we offer. Yes you may be paying slightly more, but you will be receiving a top quality service with a happy lady, who in turn will be eager to please you, instead of a rushed 15 minutes in a busy parlour. The only real downside to visiting a private apartment is that we don't always have an appointment available at very short notice although we feel that is a small price to pay for the calibre of service, quality of our ladies and all the other benefits to be gained from a visit to one of our gorgeous escorts xxx

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